Phase 2 human clinical trial in Alzheimer’s disease patients

ScandiBio Therapeutics announced Phase 2 clinical trial results from the study “Combined Metabolic Activators Improves Cognitive Functions in Alzheimer’s Disease” on the open-access server

In the collaborative study, researchers first analyzed more than 600 AD patients, the results of which supported an essential role of mitochondrial dysfunction in AD development. Subsequently, the ScandiBio Therapeutics, tested the CMA formulation in a preclinical model and demonstrated that it could improve AD and associated functions.

Finally, the company designed a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled human phase 2 clinical study and showed that administration of CMAs improves cognitive function in AD patients. Based on data-driven modeling and systems biology, they showed that oral administration of a mixture of metabolic activators has a profound effect on cognitive function after only a few months of treatment. The effect was further supported with a comprehensive analysis of protein and metabolites in the plasma of the patients using a multi-omics analytical platform.

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